Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Lost Childhood

Things I want my children to be able to do in no particular order:

1. Make Hollyhock dolls with clothespin legs
2. Dye Queen Anne's Lace with 7-up and food coloring
3. Climb trees
4. Stay out until the street light comes on
5. Play dark tag in the summer
6. Play Andy-Over around the house or barn
7. Play lawn games
8. Ride bikes
9. Catch Salamanders and Frogs
10. Build forts
11. Play Fox and Goose in the snow
12. Use their imaginations

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where were you when...?

In my life, I remember only a few major moments in history: the challenger disaster; fall of the Berlin wall; September 11th; the Tsunami. There are others of course, but these stand out at the moment.

In 30 years, I may not remember exactly what I was doing the moment President Obama was sworn into office. But I will never forget walking door-to-door in the rain, talking with neighbors about the hope he could bring to our nation. I will remember the mounting joy election night, watching the results from each state roll in with fellow campaign volunteers and watching his acceptance speech with Barry- both of us keenly aware of history taking place before us. I will mark the passage of my own life around this time.

I am not articulate enough to put my joy in words. Simply, I feel the dark cloud that has hung over our country for the past number of years is finally lifting. I can be proud to be an American again.