Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bath Time

M does not like baths. She never has. I've tried the sink, the little bucket, with a sponge pad, without a sponge pad, in the tub with me...I don't know if it's sliding around and getting all slippery that bugs her. Maybe we keep our house too cool. Who knows? If you have tips to help an 8 month old enjoy bath time, please share!

Getting ready for bath

In the mean time, M gets a sponge bath for her clean-up routine. I sit her on a diaper on her changing pad, and she gets all lathered up. I keep a cup of warm water beside me and rinse with a different warm, wet cloth. For now, it works.

Speaking of bath time, there is a great resource available online for folks who like to know what is in the typical baby shampoo and other products. It's called the Cosmetics Database, and you can type in specific searches or just browse products. By law, companies are not required to disclose certain ingredients (like what makes up the generic label, 'fragrance'). But they do have to disclose some ingredients that aren't considered trade secrets. This website offers a database compiling information about known effects of each individual ingredient since the product testing results are confidential.

The reason I found it handy was because I discovered that the high end 'natural' diaper cream I was buying at the local health food store was no better than regular old Desitin. And that the soap I was using for the baby was worse than my own body soap. Having shunned vaseline because it was a petroleum product, I realized it was one of the safest items out there to act as a barrier cream. Of course, it's still a petroleum product... Look for a post soon with homemade soap, shampoo, lotions, and even diaper cream! (All 100% natural and safe)

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Anonymous said...

Her expression in this post cracks me up.

My guess is that your house is too cold!! I keep mine like a sauna so it's not a problem. :)